Doors and windows

As part of the turnkey solutions, we offer complementary accessories for closing, such as windows and doors of various types. Farms and warehouses are environments where it is necessary to install shock-resistant, robust closures that help keep the environments clean.

Snow stop

Windbreak nets

Fixed or motorized wind barriers
• Protection of meteorological events: they limit the entry of wind, rain, hail, snow;
• Shading effect: they protect from solar radiation;
• Ventilation: thanks to the use of the microperforated polyester fabric mantle, they maintain good ventilation in environments such as stables, forage storage, etc;
• Motorized: comfortable use, opening height can be easily adjusted;
• Custom sizes: available on request;
• Convenience: competitive prices.

Screens for ventilation

The ventilation domes are an indispensable accessory on farm structures and guarantee a natural recirculation of air into the environment. They can be of various shapes and combined with an air deflector or protective grille.


Insulating and windproof solution for livestock facilities that can be made with various types of materials, including sandwich panels, wooden planks and perforated sheets.