The Fontana company dates back to 1897, the year in which the forefather Serafino Fontana opened a blacksmith's "shop" under the house.

In the 30s the company began the first constructions in the zootechnical field by the son of Serafino Cav. Luigi Fontana, creator of important innovations in times when the lack of technologies was compensated by the ability and ingenuity of these master craftsmen.

The company evolves in the agro-livestock sector with Luigi's children; Ottorino, Bruno and Marcello arriving to the present day under the guidance of cousins ​​Dario and Michela.

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Fontana Snc Today

Through this long activity and the great experience acquired with the zootechnical world, Fontana Snc proposes itself on the market with a complete range of equipment such as: drinking troughs for all types of breeding, self-tapping, cubicles, cleaning systems, stables for dairy cattle; calf cages and boxes; stables for fattening cattle; stables, indoor boxes and outdoor boxes for horses; stables for sheep and goats, and milking boxes to name just a few of the numerous articles in production.

Our Work

Prioritizing quality and investing in human resources has always been our goal with a close-knit and motivated team able to guarantee flexibility and efficiency, because the satisfaction of our customers is our first goal.

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